Energy Healing

Craniosacral Therapy, CST

With a gentle, non-invasive touch, CST releases restrictions in the fascia, bone and soft tissue that surround the central nervous system to strengthen resistance to a wide range of medical and pain related issues.

60 min. $95  75 min. $115  90 min. $135  120 min. $175

Somato Emotional Release

A therapeutic process combined with CranioSacral therapy to help release past traumas stored in the body that can contribute to physical and emotional pain.

60 min. $95  75 min. $115  90 min. $135

Reiki Energy Therapy

A deeply relaxing healing technique where the therapist channels energy into the patient to activate self-healing.

30 min. $65  60 min. $95  75 min. $115  90 min. $135