Curative Baths

A private self guided experience.

Water cures have been used for centuries throughout Asia and Europe to sooth, renew, de-stress and detoxify. Inspired by these time-honored traditions, our Curative Baths combine intensely pure, organic ingredients and chromatherapy (color therapy) in our Japanese soaking tub and steam shower to create an extraordinary healing experience. Choose the Curative Bath suited to your body's needs:

Mustard Detox

An intensely stimulating bath, this Ayurvedic treatment alkalizes and purifies the body, relieves joint pain and alleviates fatigue.

Begin with a hot mustard soak followed by a hot/cold rain shower with eucalyptus steam to enhance circulation and eliminate toxins.

Water Temperature: 100-110F
Light Color: Red

Herbal Detox

Harnessing the properties of the finest organic herbs and botanicals, this purifying bath renews energy, soothes colds, increases metabolism and eases muscle aches.

A rosemary steam shower with pink grapefruit, juniper, cypress and geranium scrub prepares the body to soak in an organic sea kelp and soothing oat protein bath.

Water Temperature: 100-105F
Light Color: Violet


Uplift your spirits, calm your mind and ease nervous tension.

A neroli steam shower and lavender body polish prepares the body to soak in organic crystallized sea kelp, lavender, neroli, rosemary and ginger bath.

Water Temperature: 97-100F
Light Color: Green

30 min. $55.00


Foot Baths

Offering the same curative benefits as out full-body baths, foot baths are ideal for those with restrictive health conditions or anyone who prefers less heat exposure. 

Mustard Detox - hot

Purifies, alkalizes and stimulates.

Herbal Detox  - warm

Combats fatigue and colds.

Rest - warm

Calms, eases tension.

20 min. $40


If you have any illnesses or are pregnant, consult your physician before using balneotherapy (spa therapy). Hot baths can strain the circulatory system and should never be used by those with cardiac conditions or diabetes. A cooler foot bath is recommended for vascular conditions. Never bathe if you have a fever. Algae (seaweed) and marine salts contain high levels of iodine. Check with your physicain if you have a thyroid gland disorder. Refrain from bathing while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.