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Fusion facials combine all natural, traditional remedies with modern expertise. Featuring Fusion's Triple Exfoliation™, a gentle, effective and organic alternative to micro-dermabrasion.


Celebrating the timeless essence of European traditions to emphasize deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation and hydration featuring Fusion's Triple Exfoliation™. A relaxing shoulder, neck and foot massage surround the experience.

Recommended every 4 - 6 weeks.
45 min $70 | 60 min $90 | 75 min $100

AHA FRUIT PEEL: anti-aging, rosacea, collagen renewal, sun damage, acne, scarring $45
MANGO ENZYME PEEL: sensitive skin, anti-aging, dry skin, collagen renewal, acne $45
MANGO EYE ZONE: puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles $45
LYMPHATIC DETOX MASSAGE: rosacea, acne, pre & post-surgery, sinusitis, allergies $45
LED PHOTO THERAPY: rosacea, inflamed red skin, collagen renewal, sun damage $45
HIMALAYAN FOOT SOAK: soothes and cleanses, calms and detoxifies $20 


Smooth, nourish, firm and hydrate. Pure relaxation and the best anti-aging technologies unite in our most popular facial, and extension of the European Fusion. An indulgent shoulder, neck, hand and foot massage surround the experience. Includes one enhancement.

90 min $145


This supreme anti-aging facial firms and protects the skin with a stimulating blend of black cherry extract, alpha lipoic acid and pumpkin seed oil. A rich and moisturizing mask of cocoa enhances moisture retention and repairs depleted skin. Your skin's vitality is instantly restored and visibly smoother.

60 min $130


Get the answers to all your skin care questions and develop a personalized program to achieve definable results, not just superficial remedies. Receive a personalized consultation and skin care, anti-aging and wellness evaluation with Fusion's founder, aesthetician and creator of Fusion Skin Care, Donna Duffy. This service focuses on getting to the roots of troubling skin maladies, learn preventative skin health options and review the latest technologies available. 
Includes a 60 minute facial and 1 enhancement.
Recommended for all new guests. 

90 min $175

ORGANIC FRUIT PEEL - Radiance Express

Minimize fine lines and wrinkles wihtout the use of harsh chemicals. This anti-aging treatment utilizes the enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids from pomegranate, pumpkin, mango, goat cheese & yogurt to reveal fresh, healthy skin, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, without the use of harsh chemicals. Skin immediately looks more alive and luminous in a single session.
A relaxing hand massage completes the experience. 

45 min Level 1 - mild $100
45 min Level 2 - intensive $110
45 min Chest - $100
30 min Hands - $50

Pre-paid series of 6 - buy 5 and get the 6th free.


Increase hydration and bring a soft, supple radiance to the skin using Fusion's Triple Exfoliation™ plus a soothing application of warm paraffin wax to the face to seal in our ultra hydrating Cranberry Cream.

75 min $120

PHOTO FUSION - Red Carpet Facial

Your skin will immediately look firm, fresh and dewy. Featuring LED Light Therapy, organic lactic acid derived from yogurt and a jasmine time-release moisture mask, you'll look immediately firm and dewy. Regular treatments help regenerate and firm, lighten sun damage and help speed healing of blemishes.

75 min $180
pre-paid series of 6 - $155 each

ASIAN FUSION - Japanese Facelift

A powerful facial using ancient Japanese facial massage to improve muscle tone, diminish puffy eyes and provide a natural face lift by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the skin.

75 min $120
add LED Photo Therapy to stimulate collagen renewal $45 

ZEN FUSION EXPERIENCE - Head to Toe Stress Relief

Begin with a detoxifying Himalayan foot bath and herbal tea. European facial massge will ease eye strain, soften worry lines and gently exfoliate. Next a tension relieving Indian scalp massage (choose leave-in conditioner or essential oil), followed by an energizing Asian foot massage will rejuvenate from head to toe.

90 min $155

MEN'S ZEN - Executive

Formulated with a man's skin needs in mind.  Our gentle techniques treat razor irritation, ingrown hairs and clogged pores. Using sugarcane peel and soothing cucumber mask. Complimentary eyebrow trim, neck and shoulder massage included.

90 min $155 | 45 min $90